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potential market for RISHA

Risha (short for Simple Healthy Instant Houses), a construction technology. A technology of the Centre for Housing Research and Development, which offers speed, efficiency, environmentally friendly and flexibility in the design and development. Product Risha was almost 5 years old, since its launch in late 2004. This product is a variant of concrete technology, pre-press, which serves as the main construction building.
In the development of Risha, there is little uncertainty in the use of the definition of the term. When a building called the Risha, not necessarily a residential building. For example, buildings in the hamlet Babusalam and Roots, West Nusa Tenggara Province. The two buildings are the main components Risha wear overall, but not a residential building. So there are questions, the extent to which a building called Risha? What is the overall package of components installed on the building, the building will be called as Risha, or only use part of the main components can already be referred to as Risha? Or a house with a new component can be referred to as Risha Risha.
Figure 1
Risha in Hamlet Babusalam
Source: author documentation
Definition of terms is needed to determine the target group of consumers. If the term Risha just as the definition of building structural components, then the more appropriate socialization and promotion Risha directed to contractors and construction activists. Meanwhile, if the term refers to building a house, then the target group of consumers would be more appropriate given to property developers and activists.
Early Presence Risha
Initial problems of technology dimunculkannya Risha is the housing backlog. This technology is believed to be the inventor can provide appropriate housing is cheap, fast and efficient construction materials. The characteristics of the components according to the inventor Risha comes from kids games lego. Guided by a simple term, the main component Risha can act as beams, columns and sloof / foundation. As a component of the partition wall coverings, Risha standard products, in the book Risha issued guidance on Housing Research Center, using sheets of plywood or similar material. Efficient module factory default size in its use. Use the asbestos roof coverings and floor coverings pc - gray 20x20 size.
Risha get a moment of promotional products and applications, when an earthquake happens and tunami in NAD, which caused many residents homeless. With the approval of the use of Risha as a house by the IOM, an international agency that handles humanitarian problems. Risha in NAD beneficiary community known as the home of the IOM. As a form of assistance, Risha acceptable society. Risha meet the broad needs of the home, providing a healthy home, strong, and fast. Lack of proposed beneficiaries is a matter of monetary affairs. Needs kitchen and lack of privacy can be accommodated houses, causing a clash of identities of local communities.
Figure 2
Risha in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Source: author documentation
Consumer Needs
Consumers tend to pay more attention to properties of spatial function and appearance of buildings based on the consideration of culture and knowledge, rather than the choice of construction and structure. More construction choices left to the contractor. Communities that receive socialization about Risha, commonly asked questions relating to price, how to get (Risha), and the problem of copyright or patent the product.
As a product, Risha can be categorized into stages of product introduction. Thus, there should be distinction aspects that will be introduced and to whom the excess was highlighted. For strength and keinstanan (ease of pairs of knock down system) and would be more useful design flexibility offered to the contractor. Problems mounting components, builders require any previous training, so there should be ongoing efforts in technology transfer.
To society, is more useful to emphasize the aspects of the construction cost of this. Aspects of this cost should be a concern, if you really want to put Risha accordance ideals - ideals early. That is a modest home. Because based on research, community lower middle rate Risha relatively expensive product. So that position is currently Risha is a variant of the dwelling house, not a reference consumer choice.
Product Development
Product development in mass / public will be able to better "sell". Viewed from the standpoint of promotion and ease of getting parts. This is due to the many contractors still Risha. Also characteristic is a component of the industrial product types. That requires raw materials, including steel, cement and then become the raw material, namely the three main components into finished products in the shape of the building. Investment of the printing press to a single development will add to the cost of development.
Based on the monitoring of the authors, to request development Risha to the Center for Housing, will be referred to the contractor. As for development in the area east of relying on existing Housing Research Center in Denpasar, Bali. Affordability of new Risha development services covering a particular area only. As an illustration, a friend build a house in Yogyakarta use Risha, should bring Risha component of Bandung. So, we need more motivation, to areas that are not contractors Risha.
Still difficult to find contractors Risha society, feared will feature exclusive images of this product. This is not good, remember the ideals Risha for a modest home. Risha image as a product of government, are also not released. Because the market has not been much captures the potential of the product Risha. Motivation of the Research Center for Settlement development remains. Intention of the Department of Public Works to develop a product R & D is also not obvious.
Figure 3
Risha in South Sumatra
Source: Central Sosekkim documentation team
Marketing Strategy Risha
Characterization Risha as a home emergency, should not be done, given the time of installation is not as fast as tents. And the material is relatively lightweight component, eg compared with wooden houses. Can be considered characteristic of the halfway house, though must be taken into account also the consequence of a raised feature.
Target consumers or ownership should be determined. Risha as private goods or public property. To be personal items need to think about its development strategy, because this product is still relatively expensive. This strategy could be interpreted in a comprehensive plan for product commercialization and between sectors.
As a final note is, it should be instant and simple optimization aspects. Instant and simple to contractors to the community residents and prospective residents Risha.

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